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  • Increase credibility with the seller
  • Lock in an interest rate of 60 to 120 days
Pre-Approved Mortgage Loans

Advantages of pre-approval-

Mortgage pre-approval helps in facilitating a quicker loan application process. Before providing a written statement outlining how much you are qualified to borrow, a lender will typically start the mortgage pre-approval process after analyzing your credit and income data. Thus, you will be able to submit an offer for a house more quickly, preventing another bidder from purchasing your dream home.

Increased credibility with the seller

A seller should make sure a buyer is confident about the purchase and has the financial means to buy the property.

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  • Greater adaptability while taking action

    Following a mortgage pre-approval in Canada, and an evaluation of your finances, you can start acting right away.

  • A well-defined advantage over competing buyers

    If other prospective home buyers are not pre-qualified for a loan, your mortgage pre-approval could be the difference maker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most you might receive is the pre-approval amount. It doesn't ensure that you'll be approved for a mortgage loan in that amount. The value of your house and the size of your down payment will determine the approved mortgage amount.

A mortgage pre-approval in Canada enables you to:

  • Be aware of the largest mortgage you might be eligible for.
  • Calculate the monthly mortgage payment.
  • Depending on the lender, fix an interest rate for 60 to 120 days.
  • Instil confidence in the seller or builder that you are a potential buyer.

Getting mortgage pre-approval before you start looking for your future home has a number of advantages.

For 120 days, your mortgage will be protected. Rates may increase, but you can lock in a rate with your lender.

Pre-approval will provide you negotiation power with the house seller and will make you appear like a more serious buyer.

The final closing will go more quickly if you have a mortgage pre-approval because the majority of the process is already done.

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