All Credit Types Accepted

  • Low interest rates available for Approval
  • Up to 85% equity accessible

Use your home equity to make a difference

Now is the right time to make your equity work for you. Your home may be eligible for up to 95%* (normally 80%). This is one of your most valuable assets.

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    Take advantage of low-interest rates

    Do not let the penalties discourage you. Know the numbers. You may be able to save money by breaking your contract for a lower rate, depending on how severe the penalty is and how large your mortgage balance. A variable rate mortgage holder will be subject to a three- month interest penalty. If you have a fixed rate mortgage holder, you will be responsible for the higher of three months or the interest rate differential penalty (IRD).

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    To get equity (cash) for your home

    Refinancing can help you increase your home's value by up to 80 percent, minus any outstanding mortgages. This money can be used to invest in opportunities or for home renovations. You have many options to access equity, including breaking your mortgage, taking out a home equity credit line or merging your existing lender's mortgage.

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    To consolidate debt

    You can refinance high-interest debt if you have enough equity in the home. If you have multiple outstanding debts such as a car loan or line of credit, or even credit card bills, then you might be able consolidate them all through one of the many refinance options.

  • Terminate your mortgage contract before it expires

    If you are looking for a lower interest rate and equity in your home, you can break your mortgage early. You can get rid of your current mortgage and start a new one with any lender. Brevity Mortgages Services Inc. will make you offers up to 95% LTV.

  • Get a home equity credit line

    Home equity credit allows you to access the equity in your home at any time. Each month, you are responsible for the interest-only payment of the balance. A home equity line credit can be accessed through your existing lender or a subset of lenders.

  • Mix and extend your existing mortgage

    The 'blended rate' is a rate that your current mortgage granter may offer you. This is basically a blend of your current mortgage rate and any extra money you borrow at current rates. Blended rates almost always exceed the most competitive mortgage rates available on the market. Make sure to compare the blended rate with the savings if your mortgage is canceled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions you can ask yourself when deciding if you should refinance:

  • Has there been an increase to the value of your property and would like to borrow some of the equity that is now available?
  • Is your current mortgage rate no longer a favourable based on new lower interest rates?
  • Do you have a major purchase coming up and would rather use mortgage funds to finance it as opposed to a personal loan or line of credit? The reason for this is mortgage interest rates are typically lower than unsecured debt rates.
  • Have you renovated your home and need to reimburse yourself for the renovation costs.
  • Do you have a variable interest rate and would like to switch to a fixed rate?
  • Has there has been a change in your financial situation?
  • Would you like to consolidate debt?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it may be a good time to explore mortgage refinancing options.

Refinancing your mortgage may not be the best idea in the following situations.

  • The value of your property has decreased
  • You need to increase the amortization in order to afford the refinance and with that will have a mortgage for a longer period of time. In this situation you will pay more interest overall.
  • There are penalties to break your current mortgage.
  • There has been negative changes to your financial situation since you first got your mortgage such as job loss or credit challenges.
  • You have recently changed employment in a way that will affect the application negatively.
  • Interest rates have increased and by refinancing you will now have a bigger interest rate than your current one.

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