There are no credit or income requirements

  • You can access up to 85% equity in your home
  • Flexible and affordable financing options

Private Mortgages

Do you have difficulty qualifying for traditional mortgage loans? Are you short on time and can't wait for banks to approve your loan? Private mortgage loans may be a good option if you fall into either of these categories. Private mortgage loans are much quicker and easier to get approved for. The private lender will base your approval on your equity (up to 90%) and not your credit history or proofs of income.

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If you fall under any of these :

  • The bank already rejected you for a traditional mortgage loan.
  • Poor credit is a problem.
  • Income that can't be verified.
  • Traditional loans are approved quickly and You have to deal with last minute closing.
  • You have unusual mortgage requirements (such as residential or mixed-use properties).
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  • The application process

    Online applications for private lenders are available. They don't look at your financial situation but instead focus on getting you the money you need.

  • The personal service

    Your mortgage specialist will often know your financial situation in detail and can help you choose the right option for you.

  • Freedom of choice

    Private mortgages have one positive: you can choose who you work with. If you are looking for traditional mortgage lenders, you should choose the one assigned by the bank.

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Why you should choose Brevity mortgages


  • We provide the most reliable mortgage solutions for your dream house
  • We provide curated solutions specific to your mortgage needs based on your qualification
  • Rapid mortgage approvals and fast closings
  • You can save time and Money
  • Best lender discounts and promotional offers for best interest rates
  • Access to experienced and professional Mortgage Agents
  • Brokers in the industry
  • Credit Score privacy

Brokers or and Agents

  • Dedicated team to help you with your clients
  • Veterans who share their industry experience and help you with each step
  • One on One Support and Training
  • Mentors that specialize in residential, commercial and business mortgages
  • Campaigns proven to work for potential leads
  • Online presence with digital marketing techniques
  • VIP access to top-tier compensation and lenders
  • A dedicated professional office space for client meetings and brainstorming sessions


Frequently Asked Questions

Before you finalize about how you want your mortgage to be sanctioned, here is a list of things that make a private mortgage stand apart from the others.

  • Offer Online application
  • Gives Amount that you needed
  • Can offer personalized service
  • Select who you want to work with

Yes, there is a fee for private mortgages. Lender fees and Broker fees are a part of your mortgage commitment when you sign it. Ask your broker about lender and additional charges when you signup for your mortgage.

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